My goal as a yoga teacher is to help my students identify what they need to heal, in body, breath, and mind; and craft a personal practice that they feel confident in doing on their own. 

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  • Experienced practitioners will receive support for their personal goals

  • Beginners will gain initial experience in a comforting environment

  • Lessons will be tailored to the student's specific health concerns

  • Students will learn what to include in a home practice

  • Students will have the opportunity to expand their practice beyond asana, including pranayama, meditation, philosophy, diet, and more.

What style of yoga do I teach?

I practice and teach Raja yoga, the 8-limbed path. Yoga is a systematic approach to clarity of mind and union with one's highest self, and consists of far more than just postures. 

My physical practice is most closely aligned with the Iyengar method, in that I utilize props to support every individual's unique body, and find immense value in maintaining stillness in the postures. However, I draw on other yogic traditions to keep my practice and teachings alive and fluid. I strive to, in the words of my teacher Eddie Modestini, teach people not a system.  

Along with the therapeutic application of yoga postures and breathwork, I utilize Thai bodywork techniques to help private clients deeply relax, as well as work towards their personal goals in body and mind. 


Private lessons are held at Yoga in the Hood, in Boise, ID. If needed, I am also available to hold lessons at your home. 

when are lessons held?

I am happy to work within your schedule to find a time and day that works best for us both. 

how much do lessons cost? 

One (hour long) session: $70

8 session package: $500

Each lesson includes a free consultation and written exercises to continue at home.

**If cost is a barrier to you, please still reach out. It is my hope to share the practice that has healed me with all who are in search of healing. 


Devon’s ability to care for the body through yoga is an obvious passion of hers. While she reads to you how the practice of yoga will benefit while you are in a stance, or whether she’s by your side to show you proper alignment, you will see that you are staying in the moment, more and more. Her soothing presence and her precision to meet your body’s needs, meets you in a humble space. Devon is a compassionate listener, and you will be pleased at the results she delivers. You will be so glad you took the time to care for yourself and to be in her warm and caring presence.
— Tanya K, Boise, ID
Devon is a truly accomplished yoga instructor. Her superior knowledge of Iyengar practice, careful use of props, and tailored class format create an assured and safe atmosphere for learning and healing. In the absence of ego or loud music, I’ve managed enough focus in class to substantially increase my flexibility and begin recovery of a 2-year bout with low back spasms. After just 2 weeks of consistently attending Devon’s classes, my back pain is noticeably reduced. I’ll be attending her classes until I’m back to 100%, and I’m confident her classes can help heal what PT, acupuncture, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, injections and chiropraction have not.
— Buck, Boise, ID

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