My name is Devon McGuire Harris. I was born in 1995 a fiercely independent Gemini in a small town on the rocky coast of southern Maine. I stumbled upon my first yoga class 10 years ago and everyday since I have been grateful to have my practice as a companion through this wild trip of life. In 2017 I traveled to India and began my journey as a teacher of the practice that has healed and transformed me. My home is constantly changing-- my thirst for new horizons has led me around all around the United States and abroad. Currently I reside in Boise, Idaho. 

It is impossible to say what about yoga is closest to my heart-- but I know the reason I keep coming back. It is really, really hard to see ourselves. We see others all day-- their faces, their actions. But how often do we really see ourselves? Yoga offers itself as a mirror through which to view ourselves from the seat of the compassionate observer. Witnessing our patterns, habits, strengths and weaknesses without judgement. And from the understanding we gain from this vantage point we are able to act more compassionately in the relationships we have with ourselves and those around us-- truly living our yoga.

I love being a student of this practice. And I am honored to share what I'm learning with whoever has stumbled upon this page.

xx Devon

Let's connect, stretch, dance, breathe, discuss, meditate, jam, drink tea: